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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

POST! postal rate increase

The Post Office has announced that it will increase it's first class mail rates, (as of May 14th) to 41 cents for a 1 oz letter. I know that this has effected many of my clients, as the amount of postage they need to put on their reply envelopes has gone up, so I thought I'd let you all know as well. No one wants the replies lost in the mail! The new 41 cent stamps won't be available until the middle of April so if you must send your invites out between now and then, and your reply-by date is after May 14th, remember to include a supplemental 2 cent stamp, or two 1 cent ones on the reply envelopes. Again:
The 1 oz rate will increase to 41 cents.
2 oz rate will decrease to 58 cents.
3 oz will be 75 cents.
3.5 oz will be 92 cents.
Over 3.5 oz will be subject to flat rates.
Postcards will go up to 26 cents

Please, please, always get your invites weighed at The Post Office before you send them out. Just to be sure.
Details from the Post Office here.

candy land

Apothecary Jar 2Apothecary Jar 1
For macaroons, jelly beans, chocolate truffles, Peach Rings, Milk Duds, rock candy, gumdrops, Sour Watermelons, Gummy Bears, caramels, Necco Wafers, Sugar Babies, Red Hots, Swedish Fish, non-parleils, Smarties, Smooth-n-Melties, licorice whips, MaryJanes, Pixie Sticks, Jujubees, Bull's Eyes, Sour Cherries, Tootsie Rolls, Root Beer Barrels, salt water taffy, Atomic Fireballs or Jordan Almonds. In short; The Candy Buffet. Or for notes to the couple. Or for centerpieces. I just thought the first option was the most fun. Plus I figured that, if you didn't hate me for throwing you off your diet, you'd get a kick out out of my nostalgic waltz thru Candy Land. HEY! Candy Land?! Remember that game? Awwwwwww. I do. I loved that game.
For the coolest apothecary jars ever, go here.
For the candy, go here.
What would you use these for? Ideas?

oh so pretty.

anthropologie sale
Oh so perfect for rehearsal dinners (or bridesmaids) and oh so on sale. Anthropologie. Anthropologie. Anthropologie.

amusements for your fingers

Unique wedding bands are hard to come by. Very hard. I've tried on a few occasions to scout unique and attractive options to post about. I've always had to work Google down to the forty-second page before anything remotely interesting showed up.
Which brings me to today's post, which came completely by accident. I just happened across these unique and colorful bands by Etienne Perret. They're not cheap, but they are stunning. I can't get over the double loop (top left), it's like the perfect allegory for marriage right there on your ring finger. And the rainbow of diamonds? I've always said that if I were to have the world on a plate, the first course (the amuse bouche, if you will) would be diamonds, one in every color of the rainbow.

dainty dos

Jennifer Behr makes these adorable headbands out of metallic lace. I love that they could look very formal, but are also affordable and wearable beyond the big day.
She also has a bridal line of really pretty floral headpieces, but something about the metallic fiber headbands is just so unique, so dainty. So very Natalie Portman at the Oscars last year.

sam and dave: the rabbi

It's going to be a beautiful day here in New York. Tomorrow, there are rumors it will reach 70 degrees. I'm trilled, yet deep down in my bones, I know that it WILL snow in New York one more time before winter is officially over. I tell you this because we are all always so surprised when it snows in April, we are shocked to our core. We curse the weather man. I'm just trying to prepare you all. Brace yourselves, is all. Don't break out your pastel capri pants yet. In the mean time, Samantha has some major developments in the ceremony department. Here she is:
Yesterday Dave and I met with the rabbi at the café in Lincoln center; the rabbi’s son’s friend was performing there later in the afternoon. He has two other sons also, one of which was my very first friend in life. The rabbi and his wife are still close friends with my family. I can’t imagine anyone else marrying Dave and me. He’s wonderful, liberal, reform and willing to do the service as we wish. Over tea and coffee he got to know Dave, and us as a couple. We talked about modifications to traditional ceremonies and ways to include friends without having a processional. It’s really going to be a lovely ceremony, very meaningful to both of us. In the end it’s going to be a very secular ceremony with some beautiful cultural traditions interspersed that represent our culture, our grandparents and parents. We’ll use my papa’s talit on the chupah and Dave’s baba’s kiddish cup. We’re going to make a kitubah that will be an egalitarian agreement between us and we’ll have a few friends read some modified, updated blessings, some hold the chupah and one play the violin. I know it’s going to be so special for everyone in our family and hopefully our friends too. This is a picture of me and the rabbi’s son from the good ol’ days (we’re still friends today).

sexy back

Oh, Claire (Claire Pettibone). How I love to see you go!
Sweeter than Easter Sunday on the way in, and hotter than Mardi Gras on the way out. I love it. It really gives the guests something pleasant to look at while you're busy saying your vows.
BTW. My will to exercise has returned! It may have been the near 60 degree weather, or it may have been the fact that it's restaurant week in Brooklyn and the dining out is making my jeans a little "squeezy", but I'm back at the gym! I did a "Punk Rope" class with Dierdre yesterday, and it really kicked the living crap out of me. It felt great. I can't move from stiffness, but it felt great.

myna bags

Myna Bags by Emily & Margaret. Not Youra Bags, Myna Bags.
Not only is it a great place to find evening bags, this company has the Holy Trinity of Awesomeness. 1) it's indie, 2) it's affordable, and 3) it's got great style. I love it when I find companies that have The Holy Trinity of Awesomness. If you or someone you know has a company with The HTA, please share. I want to know.

diamonds on the... tops of her feet

These are fun. They're sort of sandals, but sort of jewelry. They're sandals without a sole. They're sandelry.
They come in two styles, "East of Eden"(left) and "Waltzing Matilda"(right). I think they're both beautiful. Something about the idea of foot jewelry seems so exotic and luxurious to me, it screams "Princess from a Far Away Land". The only hitch is that you can't wear shoes and sandelry. You have to choose. This makes me think that the sandelry would be ideal for a beach wedding, or a tall bride. Visit Debra Moreland for details.

tweet. tweedle-dee-deet.

annwoodmatthew stewart birds
Love, love the idea of birdies as cake toppers. This notion has been half circulating the wedding world for a while now. I think I remember seeing a photo shoot a la Martha Stewart Weddings with birdies as cake toppers, or as part of a place setting, I can't remember. Miss Plum posted about these glass birds (bottom) over at Matthew Stewart's Etsy shop, and has proposed using them as cake toppers. Brilliant! The queen of avian craftiness herself, Ann Wood, has posted a "Coming Soon" on her site, promising the arrival of these adorable winged bride and groom cake toppers (top). Or, (if you prefer a more DIY route), I found this floral supply site, where you can purchase any number of different species of love birds to grace the top of your cake. I especially love the Mockingbirds (No. 31) and the Feathered Goldfinches (No. 27). Tweet. Tweet.

sam and dave: the wedding ring

I spent the weekend in Boston with my sister and her brand new kitten, Joey. I love Joey. The cuteness. The damn cuteness. Dell will now have to deal with me begging for a kitty of my own. Sorry Dell. So let's do the Monday thing, Samantha needs your advice:
Here's Samantha:
Recently Dave saw something that peaked his interest, a jigsaw ring. He tried it on, “it’s so cool and mathematical” he animatedly exclaimed. Yesterday morning we made an appointment with Little King, a shop I mentioned in an earlier post. The people who work there are sort of ex-rock’n’rollers who make custom pieces of jewelry in the East Village. Anyway, I started drawing up designs for Dave’s jigsaw ring in my sketchbook to bring them (the ring in the picture is from Gillett’s Jewelers online). I came up with something and we brought it in to get a price quote. They’re making it for him as we speak. We decided to go with 18k rose gold; Dave loves the coppery look of it, and white palladium, which is slightly more steely looking than white gold. So he’s all set.
Now what about me? Here’s my dilemma, I work with my hands, I paint, I do clay and papier-mâché with the kids all day, I cook, I swim, etc. I need a ring that’s sturdy and durable. I am not comfortable with the idea of taking it on and off all the time. I want to wear it constantly but don’t want a plain gold band that I’ll grow bored with. I was thinking that I could modify some of these designs from Doyle and Doyle. The engraved one might be good with green or pink tsavorites right? Anybody have any other suggestions for me? I’m looking for yellow gold, at least 3mm and something interesting yet durable…any ideas?

a soolip wedding

If you're lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend, check out A Soolip Wedding for me. The event takes place this Sunday, from 11 am to 3, at Social Hollywood on Sunset. The theme this year is A Green Wedding, and we could all use a little more green in our wedding.

ps. If you find out what a "soolip" is, let me know.

christina garcia

Pritty! Just east of Princess-ville, the gorgeous hair jewelry at Christina Garcia reminds me of something a hollywood starlet might wear on her wedding day. The feathery hair pin and the wreath are my favorites.

not your moma's pumps

Love, love, love the inspired patterns and unique shapes from Bettye Muller! How perfect would the d'orsay pumps be for a garden wedding? And the gold strappy ones? Perfect for a 20's era, Gatsby-esque to-do. I don't believe I've ever even seen that strap configuration before, but it looks like it would be comfortable enough for dancing the Charleston well into the wee hours of the morning. Here for stores.

tj & co

Lizabeth emailed me this afternoon to tell me about these from TJ & Co. I think the cuff links would be a perfect gift from a bride to a groom on their wedding day. The images can be whatever you want, but I was thinking that pictures of grandparents or loved ones who can't be present would be really meaningful. My mister and I hung pictures of couples in our lives that inspired us at our wedding, we covered a whole wall! We each have a set of grandparents who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries, and they were (and still are) a tremendous inspiration to us. The cuff links are the same idea, but might be a more subtle, more personal way to keep your inspirations close at hand on your wedding day. Pun totally intended.

white house, black market

I've gotten four calls already this week from brides looking for black and white wedding invitations. This means that there are probably a lot of brides out there looking for black and white bridesmaid's dresses. Yes, that was quite an astute deduction. Yes, I know, I am very detective like. Yes, I will stop now.
If you really don't love the matchy-matchy exactly the same bridesmaid's look, you should check White House, Black Market. The dresses coordinate beautifully, but allow for a little personal style.

cool blog: house martin

I feel like I don't post about flowers enough, they're such an important piece of the puzzle! So hang on to your hats, the gorgeous floral design and interiors blog Housemartin is making up for my lost time. Aren't these amazing? I found out about Housemartin thru WeddingBee, who found them via Decor 8. (it's such a happy little blogging neighborhood, wouldn't you say?) I think this will be a fantastic spot to check for centerpiece and bouquet inspiration, or if you happen to be located in the Portland area, you might be lucky enough to hire Ink & Peat to "do" your flowers.

must read!

Don't miss the Design*Sponge Guest Blog these next couple of weeks. We're being treated to "handmade wedding" tips from Rebecca of Moontree Letterpress. I know I'm really looking forward to it, and I thought you all might like a heads up!

sam and dave: the diet

I'll pass you straight over to Samantha for the latest update on her wedding diet. Here she is:
So last week I mentioned getting in better shape. Since then I read the South Beach Diet book and Dave and I decided to do it. Phase one started with cutting out bread, pasta, fruits, cookies or alcohol…. my favorite things (alcohol was easy enough…chocolate, not so easy). I went a whole week without those things. I increased my protein consumption (tofu, tofu, tofu) and increased my running mileage (a friend and I are doing a half marathon in April). I did not lose a pound; maybe I ate too many calories of almonds and tofu (I know it sounds crazy but that must be why). My mom and dad are doing this diet too. So now everyone’s serious, they lost a few pounds but are in good health to begin with too.

Friday after feeling discouraged about my failure to lose weight, Dave came home with a new plan called The Best Life Diet. The guy who penned it is Oprah’s health and fitness guru. I’m not a huge Oprah fan but Dave got the book for free from his publishing company, so I’m reading it. It makes far more sense than cutting things out drastically. It’s a gradual approach. I’m already in the second phase of it from my first week on South Beach. I’m not going to go crazy. I’ve decided that instead of being strict and obsessing, I’m going to take the underlying principles of each diet and apply them to my life. So here’s the diet: Try to stick to three meals a day and two small snacks, make sure there’s protein in every meal, skip refined sugars (except on occasions or on the weekend), increase exercise and vary it more than I currently do and most of all watch portion size. I can’t expect to drop weight like sedentary people that eat cheese fries with a side of Pepsi, nor am I looking to yo-yo diet. I see that there are a lot of diets online for brides but I want to do this mostly for my life… not that looking bad on my wedding day is not a motivating factor as well. I’ll let you know how it goes.

leah c

leah c 2
leah c 1
"Ooooooo". That's the most intelligent thing I can think to say. I'm totally star struck by these; the millinery, the photos, the beautiful lady with the pretty hair... (those were drooling ellipses). I've posted about Leah C before, but she has an entirely new (to me) section of bridal headpieces and blushers, all of which are just as stunning and photographed just as beautifully as these.

vonderful vintage

Adorable, affordable, and (as of 11:38 EST) unclaimed vintage over at Vintageous. All the good dresses fly out of this place like Barbies at a yard sale, so if you see something you like, act fast. If you dawdle, you might find yourself lying awake at night thinking about the vintage that could have been...
The second dress? Sexy is in the building. Someone with curves, pick that one up and stop some traffic. Please.

bags for girls

amici clutches
More great clutches from Amici. They make the cutest most affordable evening bags ever! If I were a bride, I might even buy one of these clutches for each of my bridesmaids and not feel guilty about it. I think I'd pick something that complimented their bridesmaid's dresses so they could carry it, day-of. I might also go to the antique (flea market) store and pick out a pretty embroidered lace/linen hankercheif for each girl. Because I would never EVER give an empty container as a gift, I'd put the hanky in the purse along with something sentimental; maybe a picture, a poem, or a twenty.

bcbg whites

bcbg white
Wowy, wow, wow. What a steal! What would you pay for any one of these? $1000?... $750?... $500?... WRONG! None of these are a penny over $400. I feel like I should be on a infomercial selling juicers with Jack Lalaine.
The one with the black sash would be perfect for a black and white wedding. All BCBG. All very intriguing.

sam and dave: the shoes

Good Monday! Today Sam needs some assistance with her feets. I love Naturalizer heels. I know what you're thinking. Ew. Right? Wrong (sort of). Indeed, many of their styles can still be found on the feet of elderly school nurses everywhere. BUT... they've got some very hot little items as well. Stop making that face. I own a pair of Naturalizers, most comfortable heels I have. I could walk miles in them. So that's my two cents.

Here's Sam:
I’ve been thinking deeply about shoes lately. Yes, philosophically too. What to wear for the wedding? I’ve pondered the practical issues; I’ll be on my feet for many hours, perhaps salsa dancing for some of that time. I’ve pondered fashion issues like the fact that my legs might look longer if I were to wear tall shoes. Annnd back to the practical, Dave’s 6’ 3”. Annnd back to the fashion, I would love a pair of beautiful shoes that I can wear again for the deluge of weddings, bar mitzvahs and occasions I have this summer.
Cole Haan's line, complete with Nike Air technology, just might be the perfect fit (top left). Naturalizer also offers some attractive options (the other three). I have not quite found the pair of my dreams yet but it would be fantastic if I could create a shoe that had the comfort of a flat, and the style of the heel. A hybrid. Frankly you won’t see too much of them under my dress. So I suppose comfortable and stunning are my goals, is it possible? Any suggestions?

a dress for every occassion

bridal shower
rehersal dinner
If we only needed one dress for a wedding, life would be less fun. In fact, we need several. There's the bridal shower, which for most, requires a light hearted little number, not to formal, the equivalent of a sun dress with a little panache.
Then there's the rehearsal dinner dress. For most, this dress will be more formal. You can't wear a sundress after dark, so you need something with a little more slink to it. Not too sexy, but clearly evening. I'd say the rehearsal dinner usually qualifies as "semi-formal", at least for the bride and groom.
I loved my rehearsal dinner dress almost as much as my wedding gown. I got it at Anthropologie, so I thought that would be a good place to start. I found several shower and dinner worthy dresses there. I also found several options at BCBG. The dresses there are so unique season after season. I recommend you check out both. I love the retro stripe number from Anthropologie for a shower, and my favorite for a rehearsal dinner dress is that royal blue stunner at the bottom right. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't look great in that color.

monogrammed coasters

monorammed coasters
While coasters are not entirely necessary for a wedding, they could be a really nice personal touch. Put them on cocktail tables or by the bar. I found these at Horchow, they come in several colors.

blue and whites

Blue and Whites! Most everyone knows about my penchant for blue and whites. These patterns are from Horchow, (who continually stocks interesting china). HERE for more. Check back later for more china updates.

Mackenzie's Sketchbook