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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

stained glass candies

While not at their prettiest inside their wrappers, these stained glass candies would be beautiful displayed in a glass jar, en masse. They come in several different flavors, including black and white coconut and chocolate, bright red cinnamon, vibrant orange, and many others. They could be lovely as favors in see-thru boxes.

charmed, I'm sure.

The proprietor of a delightful little Etsy shop called Hazelnut Cottage emailed me this weekend to tell me about her wedding jewelry and accessories. I love the delicate customized bouquet charms (right), as well as her gorgeous vintage inspired jewelry. Check her out!


I've been finding so many nice evening bags lately! I love the clutches at Holland Cox for their originality and affordability. There's something disturbing about dropping large quantities of cash on something that will only see the light of day a few times a year. At $60 each, you can feel good about having a little extra cash to keep in the bag after you buy it.

a little something special

Faceted Calcite, Green Amethyst, and Champagne Quartz jewelry from one of my favorite jewelry designers of all time, Becky Kelso. The vine earrings are a perfect balance between special and wearable, making them worth the splurge. And the ring? That just makes me happy. I love that green!

pretty boxes

Some more great finds from Estilo Weddings, either for well wishes, money envelopes, or as a guestbook of sorts. Have each guest write their best advice for a happy marriage on a card and drop it inside the box. Open the box and read all the advice the day after your wedding with the new hubs. You'll laugh, you'll most likely cry... you might even take some of the advice.

joan shum

I love the vintage inspired, custom-made gowns over at Joan Shum's Etsy shop. This tea length corset-ed number is my absolute favorite, and reminds me of a 1950's Vogue cover. She also has a wonderful 1940's inspired shirt-sleeve dress that I love called The White Dahlia. What a great name! Check her out!

not your moma's bows

I'm back! And to start my return off in style, I'm pointing you in the direction of these amazing gowns over at Neiman Marcus. I love that each of these dresses has a rather unexpected type bow. Be it minimal or right up front and center, they're not your Moma's bows. The first one is Jay Godfrey (for a steal) the second is a bit more indulgent, but certainly no less stunning, from Dior.

short break

I'm off for a few days to look after some Kenzie Kate stuff. I'll be back to regular posting on Monday. In the mean time, check out some of my favorite wed-blogs for your daily dose of wed-spiration (over in the right hand column). Or, check out the cataloged post categories to the left, with over 500 posts logged, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy! In the mean time, I'm leaving you with one of my favorite recent pics of Short-Round (so coy!). Have a great week everyone!

moritz glik

Beautiful stuff from Moritz Glik over at Fragments. Love the circular ring on the right, even if I can't quite figure out how that diamond in the center is staying put.

things that are wee

Just a few of my favorite favors over at Beau-coup Wedding Favors. All seem to be wee versions of things I enjoy full size. The mini steamers? Oh so cute. Although, I did not see any mini shu mai. I feel quite strongly that mini steamers should come with mini dumplings.

beautiful blushers

Don't miss the beautiful vintage inspired blusher veils and headpieces over at Castle Bride Couture. Designer Kirsten Fox's stylish interpretations on the short veil are some of the nicest I've ever seen, and would make an amazing statement piece with any dress.

recipes for love

Anyone looking for a kitchy shower/wedding gift? OR! Maybe a light-hearted/dead-serious gift for your husband-to-be? Betty Crocker's collection of 55 classics on recipe cards, available over at Fred Flare.

purty purses

Looking for something in which to keep your beautifully embroidered hanky? Your Chanel lipstick? Your grandmother's compact? Red Ruby Rose has beautiful purses for the big day over at their Etsy shop. Someone please snatch up the one on the right, so that I may live vicariously thru you.

ring pillows? ring pillows!!

So many things to love over at Estilo Weddings! I think I'll start by loving the ring pillows. Not something I usually post about, and I must say that I've never stumbled across ring pillows I like quite as much as these. I thought you might be similarly inspired by them. Enjoy!

a party on a hanger

bcbg party on a hanger
You know what makes this dress SO very awesome (besides the fact that it's utterly perfect for your bachelorette party, or your rehearsal dinner, or cutting a rug at your reception)? What makes it so awesome is the fact that it USED to be $388, but it's now only $190. That 50% discount really puts it over the edge. Check it out over at Blue Fly.

prismera: succulents

Prismera has just come out with some amazing new necklace designs, I thought I'd share. They'd make a gorgeous bridesmaids gift. Maybe your girls aren't all wearing the same dress, but they might like to wear the same necklace? My favorite is the Titanopsis, bottom left.
**on a completely unrelated note, Shorty is a LOVE BUG! I'm seriously considering renaming him Herbie. He will not leave my lap and he wants to be held all the time. This may because he's loveable, or just because everything is new and he's scared. I'm not sure.

can... not... contain... the cute!

I cannot possibly post about anything to do with weddings today, as today is the day we get to take our little Shorty home from the breeder for keeps and I'm all a-twitter with new puppy excitement. It's like Christmas morning. Hopefully, I'll be calmed down by lunch as I'm actually going to try and get some work done at that point. This is the theory. We shall see.

for the right wedding...

Try as I might, I cannot ignore a new Notte by Marchesa gown. I know, I post about them all the time! I'm drawn to them in a way I cannot explain. I just feel the need to talk someone into wearing this on their wedding day.

something different

An email from Katie alerted me to the new and fabulous gowns at J Crew and I thought I'd share. I love the eyelet one. That sleeve line is different, and I think I kind of like it. As a girl with a strong shoulder, I'm always looking for cuts that play down my ex-gymnast arms, or hide them. I think this might actually flatter them. If anyone gets a chance to try either on, let us know!

responsible rings

I found out about eco-friendly jewelry designer Jennifer Dawes through the Porto Vert website, who always has awesome suggestions on making your wedding more green. Dawes only uses recycled gold, conflict free diamonds and responsibly mined stones in her amazing engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewelry. I think her Tine Oval Diamond Ring (top left) is my new favorite solitaire-alternative engagement ring.
Speaking of Porto Vert, they are declaring March DIY Wedding month and are featuring projects and a DIY contest on their site, thought you might like to check that out too.

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