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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.


A great idea for bridesmaid's gifts from Olive Manna at Wedzu (a well curated, handmade-wedding centric marketplace). Five personalized journals for $125. Love the colors and patterns!

hair candy

Myra Kim, at it again. The photos of her new collection are really stunning. I love this leafy piece with the 60's bangs that so many of us (including myself) are sporting these days.

not your mama's registry

A friend of mine registered for all her dishes at Anthropologie. Every time I visit her or the Anthro website I wonder why I didn't think of that... SUCH cool stuff.

lisa eldridge

You know how I love my beauty gurus and this one's a keeper! I've learned some really useful tips from watching some of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's videos. She also has a wonderfully classic bridal tutorial you should check out if you're going to do your own makeup for your wedding day. Even if you know what you are doing these videos are inspiring.

new york weddings!

This summer I was all excited about this interview, but couldn't tell you guys about it. Now it's out and I can finally spill the beans! I went to New York for the day and did a photoshoot and an interview with New York Magazine for their Fall/Winter Weddings edition. I was chosen to be their stationery expert for this edition. So exciting! I am really happy with the end result, especially since both the writer and the photographer did a fantastic job conveying the relaxed yet professional spirit at Kenzie Kate (and my purple dress looks sassy in print!) This totally made my week.


Are hats back? I don't know. I do know that these pictures are blowing my mind. Hats? Anyone? From Topsy Turvy Designs.

up to...

This past weekend I went to a lovely wedding in Brooklyn at Steiner Studios. They film TV shows and movies there during the week, and have huge spaces to rent out for parties on the weekends. The venue was pretty great, with a more than 180 degree view of the Manhattan skyline as seen thru the slightly gritty veil of the Brooklyn Navy Yards. The space was almost all windows and the sunset was spectacular. Follow that up with random fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge and you have yourself a show! I wore the ensemble above with fishnets, a black hair bow and a pair of pearl studs. The dress was from ModCloth, (I had it altered slightly, because the fit was too boxy for me). The shoes were from Charlotte Russe and were perfectly perfect for the price.
This weekend is my wedding anniversary and I am going out for a fancy dinner with the hubs here, so excited to try this place in Providence. I can't believe we've been married six years and we have a one year old son! It's like we're grown-ups or something!


Placecards shaped like animals from JonNi. The horses are my favorite, because they appear to be galloping when you look at it from an angle. There's also peacocks, french bulldogs, butterflies, elephants and a menagerie of other creatures.

Introducing Marietta

Inspired by county fairs, swiss dot, seersucker, peaches and long afternoons on the porch, "The Marietta" is the newest addition to Kenzie Kate's collection. Contact me if you're interested, it's not up on the site yet. About $1875 for 100 sets (everything pictured is included).

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