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trolling ebay 4

I wasn't even well enough last week to post a "trolling ebay" segment for you, so this week it's extra ebay fun for everyone.

Mantilla Comb: So pretty and detailed, it makes me want to stomp out a flamenco right here.
Brussels Lace Cathedral Length Veil: This is a total steal. Trust me, antique lace is expensive.
Art Deco Lucite Hair Comb: So perfect with a retro sheath or a satin column dress.
Brocade Winter Wedding Coat: This? This must have been Audrey's.
Vogue Party Dress in Lace and Satin: Loving that little fluff of lace at the back, but I'm not allowed to say "CUTE", so I'll just let you do the math. (it doesn't count if it's in quotes)
Peter Pan Collar Wedding Dress: Could Peter Pan collars be anymore "in" right now?