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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

free shipping!

This week we are offering free domestic shipping on our lacquered wooden box sets.
They make great gifts! After the box is empty, it can be refilled with more Kenzie Kate note cards or you can use it as a recipe box!

sparkle more, for less

All manner of sparkly things, ON SALE!
Triangle Bracelet from Bethany Cocco - 25% off until Wednesday, December 1st.
Dulphine Sequin V-neck from J. Crew - 25% off
Tiny Scallop Sequined Headband from Jennifer Behr - 30% off until December 10th with code SPARKLE.
Kiss Kiss Pumps from Badgley Mischka - 20% off today at Piperlime with code LUCKY20.
Gold Coral Ring, also from Bethany Cocco - 25% off until Wednesday, December 1st.
Happy sparkling everyone!

happy feet

Leaving you for the week with these adorable shoe clips from whom you may know from posts such as this. Via Oh Joy!
Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be raking leaves, planting bulbs and celebrating this week's major milestone of having reached my -15 lb goal since I started WW in September. I am at this very moment wearing size 4 pants. They are a big 4 but the tag says 4, and I couldn't be happier about it. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Three cheers for a solid week of skinny jeans!

lacy love

Wouldn't this make a stunning daytime reception dress? Spinning Lace Dress from Anthro. Adorably chic with a rosy little wrist corsage and some dainty white gloves.

thinking not so very far ahead

Holiday party to attend? Holiday wedding to attend? Even better! These are my picks for the party season. If money were no object and I got my pick of the litter, I would invest in the Without Equal Dress, bottom left. If money were an object (which it usually is) I might go for the slightly less extravagant With Only A Wink Dress, top right. Both would look smashing with a red lip. First three from Modcloth, last one from Anthropologie.


In the past week (where I have been woefully absent), the following things have happened:
*We hosted 8 extra people at our house for a toddler filled weekend of fun.
*I made dinner for 12 on Saturday night.
*I had the flu.
*My husband had the flu.
*Niko had the flu.
*Niko had Croup (not recommended)
*Our beloved babysitter got a great job and is off for greener pastures.
*We had to track down new long term daycare for Niko.
SO. For this reason, I am posting about caramels, because this is about all I can wrap my brain around right now. To be fair, they do look exceptional. From Fusion Sweets. Taro Butter Caramel? Rose Orange Blossom Vanilla Butter Caramels? Come on! I'm not sure candy could melt away a bad week but this something else entirely!

guest dressed.

Lulu's is my new first stop for guest-of-the-wedding dresses, not because these dresses are EXACTLY my style, but because I feel that they are blank enough slates that they could easily be bent to my will. The prices are great, somewhere between $40 and $80 per, which is exactly how much I want to be spending on a dress I plan to wear only a few times. AND I really love that there are so many to choose from. Check them out!

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