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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

short and sweet

Some beautiful short and sweet wedding-worthy dresses, all from Nordstrom's, all very affordable. Bonus!
Alice + Olivia Layered Silk Dress
ABS V-neck Jacquard Dress
Sue Wong Beaded Silk Dress

constant reminder

I think this would be the perfect wedding gift for like... 50% of the population. I won't say which 50%, but I think we all know who we are. Continuing with my Etsy jag, these are available thru Cherry Creek.


With the right dress, these could be fantastic. I love that you could take a relatively plain, strapless dress and turn it into a show stopper with one great accessory. All from Bonzie on Etsy.


Adam over at The Poster List just sent me a link to these great posters, riffing off of the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" British subway posters of the 1940's. I thought they might be fitting for anyone out there dealing with a Bridezilla or a bride dealing with a stressful wedding. Keep calm! Rock on!

attention to the details...

Boutonnieres weren't something I even had time to consider when I was planning my wedding. I would have jumped at the chance to have someone else create these perfect little concoctions for me. Love them all, especially the yellow one. All from Sweet B Papers on Etsy.

tweet, tweetle-dee, deet!

Oh, so cute! These cake toppers from Cornflake Girl are just adorable! She makes custom birdies, but order ahead! She's a busy lady from now thru October.


Beautiful new stuff over at Red Ruby Rose! I love the contrast lining.
Must go... Shawn Johnson is up on the beam. HarD to typ with fnigers crossd!

non sequitur

I have no excuse, this post has nothing to do with weddings. My head is stuck in "back to school" mode and I found these great fall jackets... I couldn't resist. Doesn't the yellow one make you long for cool weather? All from Mod Cloth.


monday morning cheer

There's nothing like a party dress to cheer up a Monday morning! I love the idea of a swishy, muted floral print on the 'maids at a garden wedding. These dresses from BCBG fit the bill perfectly, available at Nordstrom's.

martha, martha, martha!

I don't shop at Walmart. I really don't. I started to notice that I would go in there looking for one thing, find it, then wander around for an hour in a daze looking for who knows what. It's like I'm unable to escape. So I don't go in there anymore. I don't have the time. This does not stop me from eyeing Martha's Walmart collection called "Martha Stewart Celebrate", which I'm just going to call "Walmartha" for ease of use. Love Walmarta's peony bouquet kit, favor boxes, and adorable cake toppers. All of the above can be purchased online, without ever stepping foot into the time trap.

ring pillows!

Anna Witford makes amazing regular cushions, so it's only natural that she should excel at ring cushions too. I love the suede flowers and all the color options. Check her out!

ming's things

I love the delicate, geometric theme of these pieces from Ming. Her designs are all so unique and stunning, check her out!

bows on your toes

Um? Can I get that with the bow on the side? Thanx.


In this warm, humid weather it's hard to think about fuzzy sweaters... but I love these cover-ups for a fall or a church wedding. I actually wore something really similar to the shawl at my own wedding. My grandmother made it for me and it was one of my favorite details of our wedding. It kept me nice and warm while we were out taking pictures in Times Square on a crisp October night. From Nijani on Etsy.

paper lace

So I've decided to round out the unofficial Etsy week... make it official. I thought these rolls of filigreed paper would be amazing for wrapping around your bouquet stem, wrapping around some votives, creating a quick decorative touch to your centerpieces, personalizing your favors, or dressing up your place settings (the list could go on and on). I love that these little details are out there, and for such reasonable prices! From Brookerpie on Etsy.

cute as a...

So I guess this week is unofficially Etsy week! I keep finding all these amazing handmade things that I'm powerless to resist. For example; adorable button bouquets. How perfect would these be for your flower girl? Also available are these matching button hair clips that would be tres chic on a 5 year old. All from Kreated by Kelly, all so cute it hurts.

pillows for poochies

I'm really hoping that this adorable little pet-ready ring pillow comes with the pup pictured here. If you happen to have a dog well behaved enough to trust with your wedding rings... this is for you! If not, perhaps your pooch could be talked into proceeding directly down the aisle by tucking a liver snap or two into your bouquet? From ReggieAna on Etsy.

custom boutonnieres

HEY everyone! I had amazing vacation full of swimming, eating, sleeping and a lot of driving! I'm happy to be back home and ready to get back to my work. I want to tell you more about the place where we stayed during our trip, but I'll save that for another day when it's not so late and I'm not so tired. For now I'll point you in the direction of Twigs and Honey, an adorable Etsy shop that will custom make your boutonnieres for you in any color combination you can imagine with all manner of beautiful bits and pieces. Aren't they amazing?


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