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why did no one tell me?

I've been in love with Fifi Lapin ever since Joy posted about her last July. She is an adorable heiress bunny (with a blog) who is fabulously rich and dresses up in fabulous outfits every day. You can buy a print of Fifi on her Etsy shop in many, many different designer outfits for a song (only just $40). But today, TODAY I have discovered something truly fascinating. TODAY I found out thru Brooklyn Bride that Fifi will try on ANY outfit at your request. ANY outfit! Meaning that you could (for a very reasonable $40.00) have a drawing of Fifi in your wedding dress hanging on your very wall! You might have to be a Fifi-follower to appreciate how fun this really is... but even if you're not? You have to admit, it would be an adorable keepsake.


callie on 7:58 PM

Yes! AND - fifi has a man in the works! He's super handsome! As soon as we get our wedding pics from the photographer, we're going in for one bride fifi (me) and one groom fifi (he). We can't wait!!!