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notte by Marchesa
I've posted about the beautiful gowns from Notte by Marchesa in the past, but when I saw this one, I couldn't resist passing it on. So elegant! It reminds me of something Edith Head might have designed in the 1930's for Betty Davis. I love that it wasn't made to be a wedding gown, but couldn't be more appropriate. I love even more that you can get a designer gown for less than $1000.


Lobster and swan on 12:11 PM

Amazing dress! This is lovely it reminds me off something ginger rogers would have worn.

Faith on 2:34 PM

*gasp!* I want to get it just to wear to work! Everyone else wears jeans on Friday? I'll be the one in the Ginger Rogers dress, thanks. (lobster and swan, she was immediately the first thing I thought of when I saw this dress too! It's so her...)

Jennifer Ramos on 4:35 PM

wow!! these GOWNS are awesome.....! I don't see why people would spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress they will wear once....when there are amazing dresses like these out there at affordable prices....just my OPINION.

Jen Ramos
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