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dresses for the girls

Beautiful, unique bridesmaids dresses from Maggy London over at Nordstrom's. Love the little details in her gowns, as well as the wearability of each of these. Check her collection for several splashy colors in a variety of pretty cuts.


Laura on 12:11 AM

Beautiful!! Her dresses are so flattering.

Belle on 1:01 AM

I love Maggie London! Her dresses are so timeless.

Jenn on 9:14 AM

I have been admiring that green dress for several weeks now. It's just so lovely!

People St.Clair on 9:36 AM

all of these are wonderful, I wish these existed when I was a bridesmaid.

Derilyn on 11:11 PM

These are very lovely dresses. They're also the kind of bridesmaid dresses that can be worn beyond the wedding.

Natalie on 1:45 AM

These are lovely! Being in the entourage doesn't mean wearing a long gown (all the time). :)

Anonymous on 10:04 PM

i got the green one, except in golden yellow with a slit in the top, for my bridesmaids, and they all loved them.. i was amazed i found something that they could all agree on!