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dresden trims

I have lots to be thankful for, yet I am NOT thankful that my pants are ALREADY feeling squeezy, and I have an entire holiday season of delicious home-cooked fun ahead of me. It annoys me that I would even entertain the idea of avoiding my mom's white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies in favor of my slender jeans. I'm ashamed. *hangs head, changes subject*
Dresden trims are die-cut, embossed, three dimensional, paper embellishments that have been made for about a hundred years in Germany. Mounted on cardstock, these would look amazing as favor tags or hung from a wine glass as a placecard. I'm sure Martha could think of a million other things to use them for... I found these gorgeous examples at The Tinsel Trading Company, along with several other varieties in a range of sizes and shapes.


Pencils on 10:16 AM

Tell me about it--I wanted to lose weight this fall, and I seem to be bigger than ever. My husband's gained weight too. I know it's common for brides to gain weight after the wedding, but I'm tired of it! Damned marital happiness making me fat.

Anyway, Tinsel Trading is a wonderful store. I bought many great things there for my wedding, including fantastic ribbon. The amazing vintage ribbon for my bouquet came from Tinsel Trading's sister store, The Store Across the Street, which concentrates on ribbon. It's, as you might guess, across the street from the main store.

amber on 2:04 PM

My mom's best friend, who is also my "fairy" godmother has worked for Tinsel Trading for years, designing the coolest bits of treaures. I'll pass your post on to her, she'll be thrilled!