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time for tea

Saw this today on Wedding Bee and couldn't resist re-posting it. I wish I had known about Stephanie James Couture when I was planning my wedding. I looked everywhere for tea length dresses, EVERYWHERE! Stephanie excels at tea length. Ah... hindsight. Anyway, if any of you are looking for tea length, vintage inspired gowns--look no further. FYI- She also makes adorable blushers.


Blue Orchid Designs on 12:47 AM

she just did a veil for one of my brides - it was stunning! totally love her.

Pencils on 11:05 AM

I thought about a tea length gown, as I got married on a June morning, but I don't like my ankles much. There's a few cute ones out there at several price points. Forever Yours, who did my junior bridesmaids dresses, have a couple or tea lengths that are great (they also have some seriously hootchie dresses, their style is all over the place.)

But a designer I really like, whom I didn't find until I had purchased my gown, is Candy Anthony in England. Her designs are retro-inspired, 50s-60s styles, but mostly they're the kind of stuff that looks good on anyone, but especially if you have an hourglass figure. Which I do. ;) I'm not sure how easy it is to get her dresses in the US, but they're gorgeous. Her stuff would also be wonderful for bridesmaids, and she does eveningwear as well. I really want to get one someday...just need to find a reason to spend the money!

nydampress on 4:59 PM

Ahh yes, hindsight. Finding these designers would have been very helpful. I too searched all over for a tea length gown. In the end I just bought a full length gown (with train) and simply had it chopped to tea length size! It was very cheap to do also, and in the end it was just as I had always wanted.

Glamour This! by Kelly on 7:55 AM

I featured her on my blog too. (ps. I'm MissFlamingo) I love love love her dresses and wish I knew about her before I purchased my dress.

e on 9:57 AM

the illusion neckline and tea-length were exactly what i wanted after seeing a Shannon McLean dress in Martha Stewart Weddings. I ended up going with something else, mainly because I couldn't find anything affordable in that style two years ago. ahh, hindsight...

Ellen on 12:45 PM

Gorgeous -- thanks for sharing!

Wendy on 12:19 PM

Again- I want to be a bride ( at my age?) anyway, these are great dresses and another great find for my files. Love your blog!