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too much?

Oh, pretty rings. Pretty, pretty rings.
Engagement worthy? I think so. It's hard to tell online though. They might be a bit too cocktail-y? Both Judith Ripka. Both available at Nordstrom's.


Kati on 8:22 AM

I don't know. Lately more people stray from the traditional engagement ring. I know I'd take the ever-popular hedgehog ring from boucheron as an engagement ring.

Ellen on 12:44 PM

LOVE. Also -- you can never go wrong with Judith Ripka.

Pencils on 2:56 PM

I think they might be too cocktail-y. On the other hand, an engagement ring should be anything you like, but still, I think brides should keep in mind that this is a ring that you may be wearing every day for fifty years (and more!) A more classic style might stand the test of time better. My own engagement ring was probably originally a cocktail ring, it's a 1940s aquamarine surrounded by diamonds in a fairly elaborate setting. It's stood the test of time, though, and I adore it.

e on 2:26 PM

have you looked at persimmon handpicked objects? i wish i had known about priya himatsingka's work before i got engaged. beautiful rose-cut diamonds with a victorian sensibility. hannah clark also makes amazing custom designs.

the judith ripkas are fabulous, but i think they might be too large for everyday wear.

Joelle on 8:22 PM

I don't care what the rings were intentionally for ~ I think they are great for some girly bling!
I think I could wear this for 50 years (on my right hand maybe) : )
Love it!