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blooming boxes

Oh, these are just precious! These beautiful flower boxes are from Parapluie, (that means umbrella, in french). The paper petals open to reveal whatever tiny treat you decide to tuck inside. For little more than folded paper, these could really add some pop to your place-settings. Available in pink, baby blue, white and red.


Charmi on 10:26 AM

i absolutely LOVE these! thank you for all your wonderful ideas

Deirdre Gill on 3:43 PM

These are purdy.
Have you seen the YouTube video of the bride and groom doing the dance from Dirty Dancing? It's cool.

Kim @ The Event Essentials on 6:46 PM

How cute is this. See, I tell brides all the time to think outside the box with flowers. You don't always have to go REAL! I can just see these sitting on a beautiful charger on a beautiful spring wedding table! SO SASSY!