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delicate cupcake wrappers

In need of some gorgeous cupcake wrappers to dress up your cupcake tower? Paper Orchid has some really pretty filigree ones that could also work as cups for favors or candies. Love the butterflies on the right.


Lynn on 8:29 AM

These are fantastic! I like to make chocolate dipped strawberries as gifts from time to time, and these are perfect to dress up the packaging.

elizabeth on 6:15 PM

How beautiful! I am absolutely going to use these in some way for my vow renewal!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous on 9:49 PM

I saw those on the DCNearlyweds blog yesterday too!

They are SO cute.

Alissa on 11:09 PM

These are adorable! I like the three on the left-great for the holidays.

kat on 6:01 AM

Oh I LOVE these!!! I've always hesitated to take cup cakes as hostess gifts unless the holders are foiled. These are perfect to make them special. Think they ship overseas...?

loni on 10:02 AM

Yes! They do ship overseas!

kat on 5:35 AM

Thanks Loni - I've contacted them and will see what we can sort out - only problem at the moment is that shipping is very expensive - $110 for a $25 order doesn't make sense to me... will see if they can make another arrangement for me!

At home with Kim Vallee on 11:57 AM

Does anyone know a source for the stand?

G wonderland on 4:10 PM

i must get my hands on those!

Joelle on 8:27 PM

Perfect to dress up your cupcakes that are perfect & so yummy but look a little drab.