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wediquette: mother's rules

Periodically Xochitl (pronounced so-cheel), our resident wediquette expert and owner of Always a Bridesmaid Wedding Consulting, answers an etiquette question submitted* by one of our readers. So, (without further ado):

Q: What is the color rule for mothers and mother-in-laws? My future daughter-in-law is having red dresses and I would like to know what color to go with. Do both mothers have to wear the same (long or short) or can one go long and one go short?--Karen

A: There is no rule about length concerning mothers and mother-in-laws, however, the color is the important thing. The MOB should select her dress first, with consideration to the color of the bridesmaid's dresses. Maybe a nice chocolate brown for fall, or a champagne for spring and summer. In winter; black, a deep plum or a navy will look sophisticated and the MOG should follow suit. Should you do browns, then she should shy away from black. She shouldn't necessarily go for the same color, but something that will photograph nicely alongside the other tones. She could go navy or a plum for instance. I think that what should dictate the length is really the formality of the party, and what you feel lovely in!--Xochitl of Always a Bridesmaid

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