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a welcome break from the tile

I can't tell you what a welcome break it is to sit down with my laptop and search the web for something other than tile, rugs, and faucets. This whole long weekend has been about nothing but house stuff, and I'm kinda maxed out. So when Christine emailed me, asking about bridal pumps with bows, I could not have been happier to put down the Home Depot card. I found such adorable options over at FootLux, I decided to share with the group! Love, love, love the gathered details on the round toe pumps.


Wendy on 12:16 PM

I love these shoes!!! Do you have to be a bride to wear them?! As a planner, I am always looking for great things for my clients- these are fabulous!!

Chere Amie on 9:57 PM

Oh, I am LOVING these shoes! Thanks for finding for me :)