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infinity, plus two

Your wedding ring. It's the second in a series of two rings you'll most likely get on your way to married life, and in my opinion, it's been sort of under appreciated. The engagement ring gets to be the fancy one, the attention getter, and the wedding band takes a back seat. It doesn't really have to be that way. What about uniquely shaped, more varied wedding rings that could be just as expressive as the engagement ring? Cathy Waterman makes some really amazing pieces that could all be wedding bands. I love the infinity band, and the sentiment seems just about perfect.


Kati on 8:24 AM

What a shame that branch ring is only available in size 6 1/2! It is the perfect ring!

e on 9:56 AM

i prefer wearing my wedding band alone because it's more comfortable. any of these cathy waterman rings would make a lovely wedding band! i also love the me & ro rose-cut diamond rings. so many beautiful choices nowadays!

Karen M on 4:24 PM

I love Cathy Waterman's work. Although I ended up with a ring and band from another designer (check out, my generous fiance also bought me one of her rings, which was on sale at Barneys (yes, don't forget about sales in the fine jewelry department!)

Pencils on 12:08 PM

Those are lovely. I thought about Cathy Waterman's bands, and other filigree styles. Then my Jewish fiance told me that he felt very strongly that my wedding ring should follow the Jewish custom of being an unbroken band of precious metal. It's how he saw a wedding ring--the others are pretty, but not "wedding rings" in his opinion. Not for his wife, anyway. Well, I had the precious metal part down, but I was sad to give up stones and all those rings with the lovely detailing. But then I thought about it, and the symbolism grew on me. The uninterrupted band symbolizes the marriage: eternal and unbroken. So my wedding ring is a plain polished platinum band. And I love it. I can wear it all the time--I never take it off--without worrying about getting the stones dirty or losing one, or bending anything delicate. It's just always there on my finger, eternal and unbroken. Like my marriage.

Joe Engagement Ring on 12:22 PM

I agree. Why should wedding rings be plain and engagement rings expensive and beautiful?

Lewis on 8:05 PM

The most meaningful of all wedding bands? How about the ones you make for each other with love and devotion and your own hands? Look up