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Rebbecca at The White Aisle emailed me this morning about some wonderful products for a wonderful cause. You can read more about it on Rebecca's website, but in general, The White Aisle has developed a relationship with a day center in Phnom Penh that helps young women leave behind their lives as sex workers. The school teaches these girls the sewing skills they need to craft these gorgeous silk wedding accessories and pays them a fair wage so that they can leave the brothels for fresh start. 100% of the profits from the silk flowers, ring pillows and sashes go towards these women's salaries. Check out the gorgeous silk wedding accessories and maybe help someone else out in the process. It's a win win!


Katie on 12:10 AM


I've spent about the last 3 hours searching through basically your entire blog. I stumbled on it by an accident actually, looking for something in google images, i can't even remember what now, but thank the lord i found you!
you've offered so many amazing suggestions and links to great sites and great deals and oh my goodness. i don't even know how to tell you how many new and great and affordable ideas i have found for my wedding from your site. thank you thank you thank you for continuing to post such awesome and inspiring things. as a bride-to-be, i really really appreciate it.

-Katie West

Pencils on 10:50 AM

That's gorgeous stuff, and a very worthy cause. I just want to recommend The White Aisle in general--I bought a few things from Rebecca, and they were all wonderful. Great quality, very fast and reasonably priced shipping, and Rebecca herself is friendly and very professional to deal with. I think I was a rather pain-in-the-ass bride, but she never let on. ;)