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beauty and the bargain

beautiful on a budget
Seems to be a surplus of sweeeeet wedding dresses lately! I was so impressed with the pretty cuts and flattering sillouettes on these two over at Nordstrom's. What really floored me was the price tags. The first one (by Calvin Klein) for less than $200, and the second one (by JS Collection) is on sale for less than $300. Since when did anything labeled a wedding dress cost less than $300? And from Calvin Klein no less! If anyone gets a chance to try either on in person, let us know if they feel as nice as they look.


perfect bound on 7:06 AM

no fair. I want them both. I love the flattering neckline and the modest cuts. does Nordstrom's carry matching Calvin Klein duds for the groom?

Chere Amie on 11:23 AM

Oh my god. I am in love with the dress by JS collection. GREAT find!

Jennifer on 12:29 PM

Wow! I really love the one on the left. The lines are so clean and it looks so comfortable!

sp on 1:29 PM

love both

Faith on 2:35 PM

Ok, seriously, if they have either of those in my size, I'm buying them just so I can wear them around the house when I get home each night instead of changing into my pj pants...DAMMIT, they're pretty!

Where do you keep finding these things? Bless your heart...

liliya on 5:48 PM

5 Star Unique Alterations
1602 Quentin rd(rear office)
Brooklyn NY 11229
1718 677 0609

5 Star Unique Alterations is a full-scale tailoring and dressmaking business and a retailer of bridal and formal gown fashion (bridesmaid, prom, mother-of-the-bride and so on).

The owners are graduates of a fashion and design institute and have been in business for close to two decades. They take pride in their work and are willing to take on all kinds of challenges - correcting the mistakes of other tailoring establishments, custom design of almost any article of clothing and more.