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the many colors of joy

I have this obsession with collections of things. When I was a kid, nothing thrilled me more than a new box of crayons. Not because of the coloring possibilities necessarily, but because they were a collection of like items, all pristine, all at my finger tips. I would use the ass ends of my crayons, so that the tips didn't get worn down. I never wanted to spoil the tips. You could hide the ends in the box, but the tips, I tried to keep as nice as possible for as long as I could.
Hmmm. That sounded way more screwed up than I intended it. I guess we now know that my perfectionist tendencies started at an early age.
Really and truly, things have not changed much. I came across a makeup palette promising 96 shades of eye-shadow today. I almost peed myself. I don't need that much makeup. I won't wear bright green eye-shadow, or orange, or yellow (?!) But it doesn't matter. Just the untouched palette, it's varied hues, all in neat matching little cakes... (ellipses usually mean "pause" or "trail off", here they mean "shudder with glee").
I get the same joy from boxes of chocolate. This one from Marie Belle is great, because each chocolate is in the same shape, but is decorated with a different pattern. I don't even care what they taste like. I just want to OWN them.
Remember how the two tier, 4 compartment box of 64 Crayola Crayons was like the holy grail of crayons? Well, they now have a box of 120. Ya. 120. All I have to say to that is "...".


*terramia* on 6:35 AM

I can relate... moi aussi!

As a wee one, I too loved them Crayolas... when they were all sharp and pointy on the ends and all lined up neatly in the box... they were little symbols of absolute perfection. Heaven and bliss to the inner artist!

Oh, glorious colour... sweet colour... I adore thee! (:

cruststation on 8:17 AM

I wonder if you could bring yourself to eat that box of chocolate if you had received a box? They are beautiful!

Mackenzie on 11:16 AM

Yes, yes, I would eat them. But not for a while. I would have to look at them for a while first :}

Vanda on 1:52 PM

Honey, you know , right?

It's just the most perfect website..ever! (I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way)

(I'm in love with the KensieKate invitations, damn it!)

Mandy Quast on 10:39 PM

I am the same way! I purchased the box of 120 crayons, and they are so pretty, that I still use my old ones instead of the NEW, pretty, perfect ones.

Ditto with the 96 colors of eyeshadow!