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las coronas

You know how in movies about "olden times", the women have really cool hairdos? You know the ones. The really twisty and complicated ones? Like Gweneviere from Camelot, or Queen Elizabeth from Elizabeth, or Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair?
Well, I have bad news. You can't wear your hair like them. No one can. Even if you had enough hair to pull it off, you'd look like you were dressed for a Renaissance fair. So, we have to move on.
Enter, Las Coronas. Designer Mary Beth McGowan makes some truly lovely, modern alternatives to the crowns and combs. They've got that same... je ne sais quoi? They're a little more "lady", a little less "Lady-in-Waiting", but still the same vibe, still the same romance, the same delicate-ness.


mo on 11:26 AM

These are lovely! I think Samantha should consider wearing one. Her hair...outdoor beautiful!