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christmas comes early

BRIDES 1-07blog
I was surprised and super excited to find out (from my incredibly with-it friend Bee, over at Wedding Bee ) that KenzieKate was featured in this month's issue of BRIDES! I knew that something was pending, but didn't expect anything so soon. I'm absolutely thrilled with the layouts. The Hanalei and The Paris were both featured in the "party style" section of the magazine, (and photographed beautifully I might add). I can't say how happy this makes me. I feel like one of the cool kids! Thanks BRIDES!


Anonymous on 7:07 PM


Ain't that a nice Christmas present. Congratulations you have earned it.

Anonymous on 8:15 PM

Well, good for you!
I always feel so smart when I know something before the "experts". Your invitations are beautiful! I'm so glad they noticed!
Congratulations, and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous on 9:30 PM

Congrats!!! I love the layouts too...your invites look AMAZING.

Anonymous on 6:10 PM

yay! congrats! so well deserved...

Anonymous on 4:30 PM

I just saw them in Brides last night! Congrats, they are so lovely!

Anonymous on 10:15 PM

i saw the paris in this very magazine and it prompted me to call you today !! they're gorgeous!!!