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the smell of...

I have a pretty sensitive nose. Or so I'd like to believe. I feel as though my ancestors must have developed a keen nose for bananas. I can smell bananas coming and going. I don't like to have them in the house because they smell like garbage when they start to go brown, and even when they're green, the smell makes my tongue feel... funny. Like I just licked a penny. I don't dislike the taste of bananas, but I just can't have them distributing their aroma all over my apartment.
So, that being said, I'm very much hoping there is no "eau de bananas" in the three new scents I ordered from CB (Christopher Brosius). I discovered his website yesterday through Outblush, and I'm smitten. I haven't even smelled anything yet, but I'm taken with his philosophy on perfume. The three scents that intrigued me the most were "Winter 1972" because I love the winter smell. I hope it is what I think it is. Second was "Memory of Kindness", which was described as smelling like earth and tomato vines. If it lives up to its description, it will remind me of my grandparent's house in the summer and getting wheel-barrow rides around the garden. Third was "Burning Leaves" because my apartment is freezing and I'm hoping it will help. Soon I'll be getting three very small bottles of my fondest memories and favorite smells. I can't wait.
You can, if you're feeling crazy, also order a little vile of celo-tape smell. Or crayon smell. Or carrot. Or snow. Or lava rock.
I think that when I get old, I could really love being the granny who always smells like snow.

*UPDATE* My order came in today, and it did not disapoint. Memory of Kindness- Spot on. Wheel-barrows thru the garden all the way. Burning Leaves- Heaven. I love this scent. Slightly sweeter than the burning leaves I remember, but that might be because I remember burning oak leaves, not maples. Lastly was Winter 1972- Slightly more evergreen than I'm used to in winter. I think I'm accustomed to a deader, more urban winter smell, but still, I definately get the shivers when I smell it. I'm dying to smell "snow". I think that one's going to have to go on the wish list, as my perfume budget has been drawn for the month. If you try it, let me know.


**terramia** on 2:10 AM

I adore the pics and your commentary...

Interestingly, as much as I fancy your links to happy-smell-land, I have to let you in on a little secret... are you ready for this whopper?
I have no sense of smell! Tada! I have what is called congenital anosmia. I know... sounds crazy, but my olfactory sniffer was broken from get-go (I want a refund! hahah.. just kidding!). I have never smelled a darntootin thing in my life! Nevertheless, I do like to "try and pretend" once and awhile, and experiment with recommended scents. The success of the new scent solely depends on guest approval and reviews...
Count your lucky stars you have a super smelly sniffer!! (:
Love your sight.. er site (that sense of mine is dynamo!)....

Now you understand there is no offense when I say "smell ya later".. haha


I heard snow smells wonderful... the sound is nice (*silence*)

mackenzie on 5:42 PM

Wow! No smell?.... That's amazing. There are def some smells you're better off without, but in general, I'd say that I am grateful for my sensitive schnoz.
How's your sense of taste?
Woah. I wonder if there are people out there who are completely without taste?
Thanks for sharing Terramia! Fascinating.

**terramia** on 3:24 AM

Hey, by the way I forgot to ask something that I find this soooo fascinating...

** What is your favourite smell?? **

Think on that one... and post it!
I long to know... (;

mackenzie on 12:35 AM

my favorite smells are the season smells.
When you walk outside, and you can smell the new coming season. Winter and Spring have distinct smells. Fall and Summer are more gradual. That first fall day, when it really smells like the coming winter, that's great. I love that. That happened only a about a week or so ago for me.
It smells icy and dry and very clean. It's at that moment when you can no longer smell anything living in the air. It sounds like it would be horrible, but it's quite zippy.