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cool blog: watch holly

Thru Fashion is Spinach, I found Watch Holly. I like Holly. Unbeknownst to her, she is acting as my canary. You know how miners used to send canaries down into the mines to make sure there was enough oxygen? If they died, then the miners didn't go down, if they came up alive, then the miners knew it was safe? Well, I'm using Holly for this purpose. She is pregnant. I'm seeing how it goes. If she can make it thru till the end, thru till the actual birthing without A) describing scissors and her nether regions in the same sentence and B) without buying, thinking of buying, understanding the concept behind, wearing, or considering the virtues of wearing "mom" jeans (the ones with the front ass)... I might start considering the possibility of maybe having a child one day in the distant, distant future.


Jane on 11:58 AM

Oh, you would be a COOL, stylish mom - even if you did succumb to "mom" jeans!

mbpmbp2 on 12:07 PM

dont count on any of that not happening except maybe the mom jeans part
you can also add the to the list the endless fascination with the growth of ones boobs
it is all soooo worth it in the end

ms. spinach on 8:15 AM

yay! i love holly. we've been friends for years. she really makes this mom-to-be things look kind of fun.

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maybe with yahoo messenger