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sam and dave - the dress II

It's Monday! You know what that means? An update from our featured bride, Samantha:

I WAS looking for something that was not necessarily traditional in the dress category of my wedding. I had three friends tell me that I would be insane not to attend Vera Wang, that the dresses are %50-%70 off, wow. I do think her dresses are phenomenal but don’t have nearly the budget for her stuff retail.
Anyhow, I went! Infamously, people from all over the world wait online from 5am to claw each other to death over their dream dress. I thought to myself “this is not my style of shopping but go into it with an open mind and just see”. It turned out to be nothing like what I feared (besides the enormous line, I waited 3 hours from 7:45…ugh). Rather is was a modern "red tent." I saw so many groups of friends and mothers and daughters sharing this time together in so much joy. It was a bonding session. The dresses were stunning and I found one at a fantastic price. It very much reminds me of a dress I saw in an early Hitchcock film from 1931, “Rich and Strange”, it’s white, mermaid style, toile over satin. I love it.
What I ultimately learned was that it’s not really about finding perfect things to adorn your body or about creating the perfect party but about sharing the anticipation of this momentous life event with the people who have shared your life in the past though the present. Someday we'll be able to look back at this event and the photos of all the people we loved and love and remember where we started (oh and that we felt fabulous).