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toes with bows

I'm feeling ladylike today. I'm all "almond toes" and "satin bows". Is anyone else really glad that super pointy toes are out? I never really participated in that trend, I've just sort of been waiting for it to be over. Kind of like skinny jeans. I'm waiting for those to be over to.

Stuart Weitzman, "Bowribbon" d'orsay pumps with large bow
Kate Spade, "Anastasia" frayed bow pumps
rsvp, "Odessa" peep toe pumps with medallion
Kate Spade, "lover" strappys with bow


Anonymous on 2:31 PM

Love the first pair! Gorgeous!

Anonymous on 4:03 PM

I love the bow pair, as well, great picks! I'm in the market for a fabulous pair of wedding shoes...