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lela rose

Lela Rose has such strikingly slender and simple silhouettes, it's hard to imagine how they can stand up to the be-decked and be-dazzled creations coming from other wedding gown designers. Her shapes are lean, unpretentious, and unassuming. But look a little closer. Zoom in on the details. The hand-sewn, oldy-worldy, save-it-for-your-kids details. This is quality. This is good stuff.
As the chatty bathrobe girls* from the yogurt commercials would say, "it's marrying a masseuse, good. It's marrying a cherry cheesecake covered masseuse, good."

Lela Rose, via Oh Joy, and also via W Magazine.

*Those girls are weird. Right? I think they're weird.


cruststation on 2:11 PM

These dresses are beautiful, I think when I get married I would go for this elegant but unpretenious look.

joy on 6:11 PM

love the look of these and the details of course!