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time for a new hair vibe

These kind of make me want to cut my hair. I love the flapper vibe.
Alas, I have been growing my hair. When I decided to grow it out, I had a vibe in mind. An inspiration, if you will. Too bad I can no longer think of what that vibe was. Was it Tousled, Mediterranean and Timeless? I think, since the glow of summer has faded off of me like so much Herbal Essences Temporary Hair Color, "Mediterranean" is a stretch. Was it Long and Sleek with Sophisticated Blunt Bangs? If by sleek, you mean limp, then yes. That could have been it. But maybe, just maybe, it was Ponytail Everyday, Sometimes Ponytail-pulled-only-half-way-thru on Other Days. Yeah, that's the one. That's it alright. I've done it. I've achieved my vibe. Time for something new!


Vanda on 12:38 AM

Oh wow, that's just...fantastic.

Now I'm reconsidering letting mine grow out!

Meghan on 10:35 PM

this make me want to cut my hair again. but I just grew it out( it shoulder length) from the last time I cut my hair that short.
and let me tell you. it was fun for a while. but I got pretty sick of it. you cant really do much with short hair, other than style how you would style it every other day.