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sam and dave: the jewelry II

Back in the saddle again! I hope everyone had a super holiday. I had a great time visiting with my parents and my sisters at my parent's house in Connecticut. We had such a nice time, we always do. Lots of wonderful Christmas presents to play with, and a New Year's Eve party to plan. More on that later.
To start things off, I'm posting an update from Samantha, who usually posts on Mondays, but since this is sort of a Monday for me, I hope it won't throw you off too much.

Dave reminded me today that there’s a lot of great stuff out there and that one could go crazy looking for “perfect” this or “perfect” that. Basically that one thing is not the be all end all, there may be a few great things out there, end somes…if you will. So I’ve decided not to rush into anything. We just need to take our time and roll with it, good things will present themselves. For example Dave and I just had a lovely stroll through Nolita where we went into Calypso and later in the SoHo Anthropologie. Both had great jewelry, funky yet simple and elegant. In my last post, I mentioned my budding jewelry search and Christine suggested Helen Ficalora who’s great, we happened to pass her shop by chance today on the walk also. So I’m not going to run, I’m just going to take my sweet time. We still have a little over 5 months till the date and it’s a backyard garden wedding so it should be treated as such. Until then I’m going to enjoy my life, enjoy my painting, enjoy my fiancĂ© and enjoy this unseasonably mild weather as we stroll around town. Who knows what gems (literal or proverbial) we might find on one of our walks!