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ta daaaa!

The Notting Hill

The Metropolis

The Woodstock

They're up! You guys are the first to see these, I really hope you like them! Your comments were so nice on the drawings, I was encouraged to get them up sooner!
We drove up to Montreal yesterday in the midst of a mammoth Nor'Easter stretching from Providence to Albany straight thru to Montreal. We arrived safely last night after about 8 hours of white knuckle driving. We're here for the week, all cozy underneath about a foot and a half of snow. I'm so excited to settle into a white Christmas and to see my family. I'll be back to regular blogging on the second of January, with plenty of new ideas and an entirely new blog design! Have a cheerful, safe and happy holiday and we'll see you in the new year!


Anonymous on 10:17 PM

I don't know if I've ever posted here before, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful and incredible the drawings are. I am in awe at the discipline and talent it took to create these -- and they fit so seamlessly into your invitation designs. Wonderful!

Virginia on 10:39 PM

I am so impressed!

Amanda on 10:48 PM

I've never posted before, but I have been quietly watching for months and months. These are so beautiful! This has been my break from my post-grad job search and these were an absolutely fabulous break. I was so anticipating when you put up the initial sketches :)

Hi. on 11:37 PM

These are incredibly original and beautiful...I'm almost sad that I can't go back and plan my whole wedding around one of these designs!

Elizabeth on 11:40 PM

These are completely amazing! I want to get married again, just so that I can have The Woodstock as my invite! Well done!

Anonymous on 12:18 AM

These are lovely! I especially like the last design.

Unknown on 12:37 AM

Love, love! I can NOT decide which is my favorite! Beautiful!

Anonymous on 12:38 AM

These are beautiful! I love the hand-drawn patterns...

rachel on 3:06 AM

I love the metropolis! actually it reminds me a little of "where's waldo", it would be so cute if you drew the little bride and groom hidden in between the buildings! :)

ashley on 9:56 AM

they are all gorgeous!

Anonymous on 11:26 AM

These are gorgeous! I am picky picky picky and I would use the knotting hill as it is! The pattern on the back must have taken forever…

Anonymous on 11:34 AM

oh they are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous on 11:55 AM

Wow- they look even better in color! What an amazing job. Wish I had another wedding coming up. :)

maritessb on 12:25 PM

You are such an inspiration. It is stationary designer like you that motivates me.

Victory Bird on 12:26 PM

Wow, so incredible! I love the touch of twine on Woodstock:)

Anonymous on 12:52 PM

Those are some genius designs. They look so great in color. I love that they're hand drawn. I have a special place in my heart for the Notting Hill. Brilliant!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns on 2:57 PM

I love them!! The Notting Hill Ones are my fave!!!!

You are so talented!

Unknown on 2:59 PM

WOW!!!!! Absolutely, positively, in love with The Woodstock.

Anonymous on 4:35 PM

Your designs are stunning! Thanks for letting us be "the first" to view them :-) Happy Holidays!

Anonymous on 5:21 PM

i want them all! these are seriously amazing.

Anonymous on 12:59 AM

I kind of want to get married again just so that I could use Notting Hill as the invitation. Or the Metropolis. I'm kind of glad that I don't have to choose, but I'm sure someone will!

Anonymous on 12:14 PM

They are all gorgeous. I can't wait to get married...I'd have a tough time choosing one of these designs!

Anonymous on 6:32 PM

These invitations are very attractive and different. Too bad I didn't know they exsisted when I got married.

Anonymous on 1:44 PM

I love these! They are so interesting and beautiful. and different!

Anonymous on 11:57 AM

Again, wonderful! And I think the Metropolis is inspired. What a perfect invite for someone having a city wedding--and totally different from other invites that sort of say "city". Really smart and great illustration. :)

on 9:42 PM

It´s really difficult to tell which one I loved most!
They are just wonderful.

holly | bijou lovely on 2:53 AM

so pretty! I love them all!

Anonymous on 11:07 AM

WOW, these are really beautiful.

Anonymous on 1:55 PM

These are all just stunning! I love them all!


Clueless on 4:05 AM

Gorgeous and cute and classic at the same time. I really enjoy..

Happy New Year..

Unknown on 2:20 PM

They're all lovely. I adore the drawings, and the color choices are great, very modern. It's so funny that yellow has become a hot wedding color a year and a half after my wedding, when I had such a hard time finding yellow stuff for it! (My colors were yellow, navy & ivory.) Paper Source discontinued their "butter" colored paper, which I think was a mistake as it's becoming popular now--and it looked great with my invites. ;)

Ainsley on 6:26 PM

Knotting Hill is pretty much the best invitation I've ever seen.

Nicole on 10:14 PM

Hi Kinzie,
I just wanted to let you know that your invites are stunning. You did a wonderful job (and something truly unique). Thank you for the inspiration. Nicole