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weekend revelry

I'm off to Brooklyn this weekend, back to the ol' stomping grounds! Two of my very good friends are having their 30th (whoa) birthdays this weekend, and I wouldn't miss those shindigs for the world. I'm also going wedding dress shopping (not for myself) and am going to attempt to revisit all my old favorite stores. Mama needs some new tops! I'm also going to try and go to a few of my old favorite restaurants, I'm thinking Steinhof... If you can't tell, I'm thoroughly looking forward to all my weekend prospects!
In the mean time I will leave you with these adorable outdoor lanterns, available at Home Infatuation. Love them.


Julia on 9:07 AM

These are absolutely fantastic. I love the colors and the way the light shines through them.

Broke-ass Bride on 12:50 PM

Those are beautiful! They'd be so perfect for lining my aisle...

Ashley L. on 1:09 PM

Those are so cool! Wouldn't they look cool on a porch for a summer dinner? They also look festive for the holidays! These treats are great all year 'round! :)

Jena on 2:57 PM

I love these!

Laura on 5:30 PM

oh i hope you have lots of fun this weekend. i have not been back there in a while and i totally miss steinhof; will just have to live vicariously. :) safe travels!