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winter wonderland

Birch veneer snowflakes, porcelain feathers or golden Christmas trees, all perfect as holiday ornaments, or as decor for a winter wedding. I would love to hang those porcelain feathers from a chandelier or get a bunch of the snowflakes and create a little indoor snowstorm around an alter or in a ceremony space. All from Roost, all available at Velocity. Via Oh Joy!


Lelia on 10:10 AM

I'm ordering those snowflakes right now - they are perfect! Thanks for posting.

dwellings and decor on 6:27 PM

Those snowflake ornaments are gorgeous!

An Atlanta Bride on 12:36 PM

Those birch snowflakes are too cute!!

Carlene Cruz on 7:58 PM

hmmm... totally feeling xmas this year even though its like in the 80s in Cali.

watches on 3:19 PM

are superb the snowflakes