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chez sucre chez

We're back! Our trip to Brooklyn was fantastic. My friends are now officially old. Ha! Kidding! We had an amazing time, ate at all our favorite places, shopped (although I was not inspired by my selection of tops), and had an amazing time in general. I'm back to my usual schedule this week, working on a blog re-design, new invitation designs, busy, busy. Plus! let the Christmas shopping commence! I need to get going on that, like now. Yikes.
Speaking of shopping, I'm thinking of upping the "gift" quotient on the blog between now and the holidays for obvious reasons. I've wanted one of these embroidered wall hangings from Chez Sucre Chez since I first saw them a few months back. I would love to give any of these as a gift, especially the initials or the "Love" letters for newlyweds. I also really love the peacocks. Check them out!


Veiled Vows on 1:20 AM

I love the "love" letters! So sweet! Too bad all my christmas shopping is done!

holly p on 12:05 PM

those "LOVE" letters are great! I love the swirly details!

Carlene Cruz on 7:57 PM

awww how sweet are the LOVE letters. Thats totally doable! :D

Tamron Lohan on 5:21 PM

soooooo sweet! i'm inspired to start stitchin' again!