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his and hers, high style

How perfect would these his and hers mugs from Jonathan Adler be for a newlywed couple? Love Jonathan Adler, I want them all!


i do! nyc on 9:53 AM

Ha! Very Perfect! In fact I said the same exact thing a few weeks ago =)

Jen on 5:39 PM

These are adorable!

Jen on 11:26 AM

I rec'd the lady mug in the lower left photo for a gift and it's my favorite :)

Rooi Skoene on 8:18 AM

I'm trying to choose which set is the cutest and failing. But I think I'd love the set in the top left corner ;)

Tamron Lohan on 5:21 PM

OMG i've admired these at Fred Flare. LOVE Jonathan Adler -- especially his little eyeglass cases and pouches AND pillows. AND salt and pepper shakers... ooops. overboard again!