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i went thru 6 erasers for these.

So I promised you a preview of next year's new designs, and here it is! I was really into drawing patterns these past few months, and really wanted to do all hand-drawn stuff for this year's new designs. I had a really great time doing the patterns for the folders, and then designing around them to create slightly whimsical, modern invites with a real hand-made feel. Above is the drawing I made for the "Woodstock" folder. It's actually a perfectly repeating pattern, (something I am very proud of). If you tile it with itself, it's seamless, and the trees just go on for ever and ever... I'm thinking of wallpapering my office with it. Either that, or the pattern for the "Metropolis" which is below. Also a perfectly repeating pattern, only this time the city goes on and on forever. This one took me so long to finish, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

The last one was a study in patience for me, although not a perfectly repeating pattern, it's also hand drawn. The concept behind this one was to take two lines, integrate and twist them up with lots and lots of other lines, then color the original two with a bright hue and the rest with a neutral. The two bright lines travel together thru the tangle of other lines, kind of like how two people committed to each other travel together thru life (my idea never sounded as dorky as it did just then). Eventually the lines come together on the invites and form a knot.

The final products are not up on the website yet, so I don't want to spoil the surprise, but you guys will be the first to know when they go up! Let me know what you all think.


kelli on 11:18 PM

LOVE the woodsy one!!!

Anonymous on 2:02 AM

These are amazing! Well done, you've done a fantastic job ... makes me want to dust off my sketchbook! And kudos on the perfect repeating pattern from someone who's never managed it! :)

Anonymous on 7:22 AM

Beautiful! I love the one of the tree. :)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators on 8:52 AM

Those are STUNNING! I can't imagine how much work is involved in designing perfectly repeating patterns. Bravo! I love the woodsy one and the city. They're intricate and interesting.

Anonymous on 9:29 AM

Ooooooooooo---very nice work lady! I LOVE the multi-line design (it looks a bit Art Moderne to me)! And don't ask me why, but "Metropolis" reminds me of the view from Smith Hill in Providence; I live in that area so it reminds me of my neighborhood!

Ellen Mint on 10:30 AM

Those are awesome. I love the woodsy one, and the last one reminds me of how popular it was when we were kids to draw incredibly detailed and tiny mazes.

Or maybe it was just popular in our area.

miya on 11:16 AM

Coming out from lurking to say that these are phenomenal. I want to cover everything I own in the metropolis pattern. Love, love, love.

Ten Thousand Only on 11:57 AM

wow. i wish i had my own office. because then i'd be able to wallpaper with the woodsy pattern...and get lost in lovely thoughts everyday.

Anonymous on 11:59 AM

These are awesome. gorgeous!

Jennifer on 12:05 PM

You are so talented Mackenzie! These look just beautiful!

Anonymous on 12:25 PM

Holy Cow! A total study on patience... these are beautiful! I can't believe you hand-drew these to make them a seamless repeating pattern!

holly | bijou lovely on 12:52 PM

the patterns are amazing!

Anonymous on 1:23 PM

SO. cute.

Unknown on 5:27 PM

utterly amazing that these are hand-drawn. wow. just wow.

Dani @ Weddings Fresh on 6:01 PM

wow! your talent is amazing! great work, and i love the town--too cute.

Anonymous on 10:44 PM

Absolutely Amazing! Can't wait to see how they are integrated into your wedding invitation designs.

AshleyL. on 12:17 AM

OH MY GOODNESS! You are incredible! I love them all but the first one is definitely my favorite. They are so intricate! You are truly talented!

Smomo on 4:47 PM

So inspiring, I only wish I had the patience. Amazing!

on 5:24 PM

They are ALL awesome; the second one is my fav!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. on 6:21 PM

*only* six erasers?! :-) Wow. Stunning. I looovvveee Metropolis.

Anonymous on 3:28 PM

Congratulations on finishing them. I'm so excited to see the finished product!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn on 7:30 PM

i'm wild for them! i was making soba noodles last night, and as i was straining the noodles i thought of your 3rd design.

Anonymous on 11:34 PM

These are really amazing!

Anonymous on 9:51 AM

And this sentence gave me a knot in my throat: "Eventually the lines come together on the invites and form a knot."