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real page-turners

My two favorite decor magazines have come out with fantastic books in the past few months. Collectively, they are my new favorite way to kill a Sunday. The Domino Book of Decorating is easy to read, fun to look at, and packed with useful information. The Home Book, from the editors of House Beautiful is a bounty of eye candy, image after image of inspiration, a book I could stare at for the better part of an afternoon and barely get half way thru. What I love about both books is that rather than focus on where to get specific items (that, let's face it, tend to be too expensive for most of us), the books focus more on the method, what to look for, what rules should be followed, which can be broken. Sofa legs on the carpet? Sofa legs off the carpet? Half on, half off? Will anyone notice either way? As someone who has always had an interest in decor, but never really any space to decorate, these are the sorts of things I want to know.

Either of these would be the perfect gift for newlyweds (or anyone) moving into their first home/apartment. Had I not a copy of both already (couldn't wait), they would be on my Christmas list for sure!


Pencils on 12:16 PM

My favorite decor magazine was Cottage Living, which I recently found out has folded. Which sucks.