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I have typically not loved "the fade effect". I tend to think that it looks a little like you waded thru a puddle... BUT, this dress caught my eye. I thought that it could be really pretty for a beach wedding. It's not something I would normally be drawn to, so this sort of surprised me. Although... I did love Gwen Stefani's dress, which had a similar white to pink fade. What do you think of the fade? Ok for the right event? Or just dirty looking?


tula on 12:14 AM

it's pretty, but it also may be one of those things that you look back at one day and say, "what was i thinking?"

Ashley on 12:19 AM

i think it coouuuld be pretty, but the colors are too dark. If it started and ending in a lighter shade, I think it would flow better with the white and look more elegant.

Lisa on 1:10 AM
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Lisa on 1:11 AM

Oh dear :( Maybe it would be better in a different colour? The first thing that popped into my head is that it was unfortunately reminiscent of a used feminine hygiene product. A terrible thought, I know, but now I really can't past it...

Laura on 1:26 AM

The fade effect almost always reminds me of tie-dye (a look that thankfully Rests In Peace). But this dress is pretty for the fade look. But I don't think I would ever wear it. I do love the cut and the floral detail at the bust, however.

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 1:28 AM

Not personally a fan.

Simply Modern Weddings on 3:37 AM

I like it. kinda funky! :-)

The Dutchess of Kickball on 9:02 AM

I adore Gwen Stefani's dress, but maybe this one would be better as a bridesmaid's dress instead of the wedding gown itself.

holly p on 11:10 AM

I love the cut of the dress and the flower, the fade... not so much.

Julia on 11:22 AM

I second exactly what holly p said! Love the cut and flower, but the fade is a little weird. I don't hate it though.

Luria Bertani on 11:33 AM

I am not normally a fade lover either, but I like this dress-with the right wedding designed around it, I think it could be pulled off nicely.

PoshProvocateur on 11:42 AM

The actual term for this is: ombre'

Heather from the bar on 11:56 AM

Maybe in a different color. Although this color is gorgeous, the way in which it is presented... I believe someone else said it... a feminine hygiene product.

i do! nyc on 12:18 PM

i love it. i personally would not wear it but i think on the right bride and body type it could definitely work.. i would love to see it in yellow or a pale blue as well.. i think those would be very pretty!

around the way girl on 1:01 PM

I typically don't like fade but I love this dress. I wouldn't wear it becuz of Stefani though.

Maryellen on 1:36 PM

I cringe at the thought of dip-dyed anything...but I love this I would wear it as my wedding dress minus the flower.

Anonymous on 3:10 PM

it's called ombre, people.

Anonymous on 3:43 PM

I think its perfect for a beach wedding, something low-key, yet formal. It could even be right for bridesmaids.

Big Shot on 4:29 PM

Remove the flower, and it's legit.

annie pea on 6:17 PM

I agree. I'm also not the biggest fan of the fade dress but this one is striking. It difinatly looks great on this modle with her dark skin and features.
I like

Becky on 11:53 PM

I love it! Not as wedding dress though...but as a nice dress to wear at a chic beach party.

AmyKristen on 1:25 PM

LOVE IT! Love the flower, love the cut, love the color. I wouldn't wear it for my wedding just because I want all white, but I'd wear it for anything else! Adorable!

Anonymous on 9:09 PM

Someone could really rock it-
take the flower off, though. I totally rocked the black and white striped dress you had on your site from Tracy Reese for my rehearsal. So Gwen Stefani! thank you!
I work in fashion in Soho and love ombres- but I think it can be done better. What if the ombre what broken up in a weave and were less even? This could work for a lot of people- but maybe the color could be more subtle.

Bridechka on 1:44 AM

Its cool and fun looking but I wouldn't do it, I am a sucker for simplicity.

Jess on 4:35 PM

i know someone who wore this dress in blue for her wedding.


I just posted an inspiration board for a wedding built around this dress. Check it out!

Anonymous on 11:26 PM

luvv dis! looks great-show the beauty of a gal ;D cheerss

Juliet Douglas on 1:21 PM

Beautiful. Yes, totally reminded me of Gwen Stefani's wedding dress which I LOVED!

Vone on 7:01 PM

My friend is marrying into an indian family. The traditional indian wedding dress is red. She wants to go with a white dress but with red accents. This might be a neat way to bring the red into her dress.