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new for 2009!

Yes! You're still on Something Old, Something New. We've just gotten a little bit of a face lift. The hubs toiled away all day today and yesterday getting the re-designed template uploaded into Blogger. For those of you who work with Blogger, you know that this is not the easiest thing to do. But, after much cursing and coding, it's up! I hope you like it! I'll be back with all new posts on Monday, Happy New Year!!!


on 5:26 PM

I loved!

Anonymous on 7:49 PM

Looks great! Happy New Year.

Deirdre Gill on 11:33 PM

looks spectacular!

Anonymous on 1:29 AM

looks great, i LOVE the stack of invites/stationery on the right. cute, cute.

Brenda's Wedding Blog on 8:46 AM

Happy New Year! Love the new blog look - very bright and cheery. I myself launched a new blog layout yesterday - a great way to start 2009 fresh.

Vane on 10:28 AM

very nice! congrats!

mo on 10:55 AM

Love the buttons!!!
so organized.
Kudos to you both!
Happy New Look!

Krista on 9:18 PM

I like the changes!

Artificial Swedener on 11:14 PM

Really great new blog design and I am in LOVE with your infinite hand-drawings.

leptitpapillon on 1:18 PM

Waahh!! Pretty blog!!
I discovered your blog thanks to:
Creature Comforts
Happy 2009!

Ashley on 10:54 AM

aww love it!

Heather from the bar on 12:21 PM

looks amazing!

Liene at The Smart Planner on 2:05 AM

Not sure how I missed this in google reader, but I just clicked through to the site the old-fashioned way, and I love the new look! Congrats - customizing blogger is a pain, but it looks fab!

inspiredgoodness on 5:50 PM

Just popped over (not in my reader) and wanted to say congrats on the re-design. It feels very fresh and compliments Kenzie Kate too!