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butterflies on buttercream

I've been on overdrive lately trying to get all my new designs finished for Kenzie Kate, my blog overhaul done, my Christmas shopping finished, it's been kind of crazy. Then, Friday I discovered that our basement was flooded with about 2 inches of water, which had to be pumped out, artwork and books recovered, everything dried out. Now I'm at the end of the weekend (in which I was supposed to accomplish lots of work) and I think I'm about at the same place I was when I knocked off work on Friday, minus a few boxes of basement stuff, (which is by definition stuff we don't really use that often). So while I'm happy we're high and dry, I'm feeling a little behind in my work and a little stressed out. That was a very long way of saying that posting might be light until I get back up on top of things in the next day or two.
In the mean time, I wanted to point you towards these amazing butterflies on Etsy. Wouldn't these be fantastic on top of a cake? Or strung from the ceiling hovering over the cake? I heart them, and they're made even better by being a bargain.


bridal buzz on 8:22 AM

Oh lordy! I had a similar basement flood last spring, which was a tough way for me to finally come to terms with throwing away all my old college "junk".

Good luck this month, can't wait to see all of your new goodies!

Blablover5 on 9:36 AM

I thought those butterflies were so cool I pointed them out on my blog a while back.

I think the concesus was that some people find butterflies incredibly creepy.

But basement flooding really sucks. Hopefully everything was salvageable.

Anonymous on 4:25 PM

They're on the cover cake of next Martha Stewart Weddings!

Ashley L. on 3:39 PM

LOVE this post! So colorful!