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embroidered chic

Have a party to attend this spring? These embroidered dresses are my favorites, especially the watercolor number. If only it were warmer. I love Anthropologie.

*Everyone had such strong opinions about the last dress, I thought I might look for something a little less controversial! Some of your posts definitely made me laugh, I'll never look at "ombre" the same way again! Thanks for the comments!


Design Lovely on 3:50 AM

God I love these! I really love how the second one has a blurry background. So pretty!

Jess on 8:53 AM

i've been on the hunt for dresses for like a month now, and of course i attacked anthro. the second dress looks SO CUTE on the hanger and in that picture, but i didn't even zip it up - that's how horrible it looked on me. the green blobs began to look strangely reminiscent of vom and the skirt is about twice as poofy IRL.

the top dress, however, was not in the store when i was looking but looks FANTASTIC i think i need it in my life.

i ended up walking out with the "softshape dress" (the link is entirely too long) which is the god's honest cutest dress in person. in case anyone felt as strongly as i do about anthro dresses.......... :)

Emilia Jane on 12:23 PM

I LOVE that watercolor dress from Anthropologie but my bf thinks it's ugly. What does he know, anyway?

Kate on 2:30 PM

I love Anthropologie's dresses! For anyone else looking for something cute to wear to a rehearsal dinner or as a wedding guest, Gilt Groupe is having a Milly sale. There are some pretty beautiful dresses in the $100 range for anyone that is interested.

This is the invite (which I will only post once because its annoying to bloggers)
Good luck ladies!

Anne on 3:07 PM

What fabulous finds. Makes me wish spring were here. These would be great for a bridal shower. So chic!


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 3:28 PM

I adore the first dress. The embroidery is beautiful! That would be a fabulous bridal shower dress or perfect to wear at the rehearsal dinner! So chic!

bridechic on 1:58 AM

Thhe dress on the form is so pretty . . . love to see these kind featured

Dynamite Weddings on 12:27 AM

These dresses are adorable! These would be great for a rehearsal dinner or your honeymoon.

chelsea on 4:07 AM

Love the watercolor florals dress.