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sugarcoat it

I love to look at beautiful cakes. I prefer it to gowns or jewelry or... most other things! It's just so much fun to see what sugar can do in the hands of an artist. It's something I would love to learn if I ever had a second career. Alas, for now I will continue to dump my sugar into my coffee and leave the art to the experts. One of those experts is Krista Markell of Sugarcoat It, who uses two dimensional shapes to create amazing 3 dimensional creations. If you're lucky enough to be based in San Fran, check her out!


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 1:01 PM

I too love beautifully decorated cakes! These are wonderful images. I adore the clean lines and chic shapes on the cakes!

platinum blonde on 6:07 PM

these are wonderful!