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welcome back!

Yay for turkey, stuffing and a relaxing weekend with the fam. I had one of those rare weekends where I felt like I managed to both relax and get some work done. I spent some time outside, I lounged on the couch with my sisters... all in all, an excellent holiday. Give me 3 days, and I'm sure I'll be ready for another one! In the mean time.. Nicole Miller's new bridal line has me totally jealous. I can't believe these weren't around when I was engaged! Love the flowy-goddessy vibe, I love even more that there are very reasonably priced options in the collection. I might have actually been able to afford one of these! Jealous!


Anonymous on 10:01 PM

These dresses are gorgeous. The vintage romantic look seems to really be in.

Anonymous on 12:32 AM

I love the goddess look. Jenny Packham's dresses have that same appeal.. but they are oh so pricey =)

Sarah Ring on 12:25 AM

Her stuff never fails! Love these!!

Anonymous on 12:13 PM

These are ridiculously gorgeous. I love the one in the lower right-hand corner...and several others in her line. And I love even more that they aren't crazy expensive. Thanks for sharing.