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something different

An email from Katie alerted me to the new and fabulous gowns at J Crew and I thought I'd share. I love the eyelet one. That sleeve line is different, and I think I kind of like it. As a girl with a strong shoulder, I'm always looking for cuts that play down my ex-gymnast arms, or hide them. I think this might actually flatter them. If anyone gets a chance to try either on, let us know!


Joanna Goddard on 7:48 AM

these are really pretty. jcrew is doing such an amaaaazing job with their dresses. i love the one on the left too--so simple yet romantic.

Anonymous on 8:50 AM

hmm, i don't know. whenever i try on tops/dresses with the angled sleeve line, i feel like it emphasizes the size of my shoulders. it's one of those things you would really have to try...:/

erica on 11:54 PM

i tried on the short version of the eyelet dress, and it worked really well with my shoulders.

i wish they would make a petite version of the longer dress in blue, though.

i thought it would be too ruffly and girly, but somehow it's really pretty and understated.

ariane termini on 10:26 PM

lol, i'm so glad to hear that someone understands the burden of ex-gymnast arms!!!