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a party on a hanger

bcbg party on a hanger
You know what makes this dress SO very awesome (besides the fact that it's utterly perfect for your bachelorette party, or your rehearsal dinner, or cutting a rug at your reception)? What makes it so awesome is the fact that it USED to be $388, but it's now only $190. That 50% discount really puts it over the edge. Check it out over at Blue Fly.


Kelly on 8:28 AM

i LOVE this dress! so fun.

Jen on 8:43 AM

Why do you tease me like this?! That dress is perfect for my rehearsal dinner, so I go over to bluefly and it't not available! Tear. :(

Mackenzie on 8:47 AM

Sorry about that Jen! It was available when I posted about it a few hours ago. It must have just sold out.

Lyndsy on 5:26 PM

This dress is so beautiful, it was a top contender for my holiday party. Gotta love BCBG!

finbladez on 5:25 PM

Has ANYONE found a place to buy this dress? It has to be the most perfect dress ever...but *alas* I can't find it anywhere on the internet :-(