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beautiful blushers

Don't miss the beautiful vintage inspired blusher veils and headpieces over at Castle Bride Couture. Designer Kirsten Fox's stylish interpretations on the short veil are some of the nicest I've ever seen, and would make an amazing statement piece with any dress.


Anonymous on 4:07 PM

How lovely!
You can play up the drama or go for the demure look. The size of the flower/embellishment would make such a difference.
I like that this is appropriate for brides of any age.
Another great find!

Ashley L. on 4:47 PM

those are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Kirstin Fox on 5:51 PM

Hi. This is Kirstin Fox, designer for CastleBride Couture. We are honored that you have featured us on your website. Birdcage veils are our specialty and we are pleased that you like them too. Thanks for featuring us!