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not your moma's bows

I'm back! And to start my return off in style, I'm pointing you in the direction of these amazing gowns over at Neiman Marcus. I love that each of these dresses has a rather unexpected type bow. Be it minimal or right up front and center, they're not your Moma's bows. The first one is Jay Godfrey (for a steal) the second is a bit more indulgent, but certainly no less stunning, from Dior.


Lucy, Yorkshire, UK on 8:11 AM

I love the Dior one..

Never teh Bride on 3:34 PM

The first bow looks like it's made out of fondant...

Anonymous on 6:29 PM

Yeah!!! You're back!
I missed my morning dose...
it does sort of look like fondant,
but it is stunning.
It is the necklace alternative for someone with a great neck (and lots of confidence).

CityMouse on 10:34 AM

I also think that these would be great rehearsal dinner dresses. not that I'm planning to wear Dior to my rehearsal or even my wedding for that matter.