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things that are wee

Just a few of my favorite favors over at Beau-coup Wedding Favors. All seem to be wee versions of things I enjoy full size. The mini steamers? Oh so cute. Although, I did not see any mini shu mai. I feel quite strongly that mini steamers should come with mini dumplings.


Kate on 3:29 AM

Oh how I love things like this! I'm a lover of all things teeny and tiny :)

tea on 4:55 PM

i saw those mini bubblegum machines and almost bought them for no other reason than i lol.

suzy. on 9:40 AM

these are so adorable! i absolutely love the bubblegum machine. what a lovely way to be a little kooky!

Anonymous on 6:45 PM

those candy bins are cute! But if you're looking for something similar but a bit smaller, try out the small mini candy bins at this site: