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can... not... contain... the cute!

I cannot possibly post about anything to do with weddings today, as today is the day we get to take our little Shorty home from the breeder for keeps and I'm all a-twitter with new puppy excitement. It's like Christmas morning. Hopefully, I'll be calmed down by lunch as I'm actually going to try and get some work done at that point. This is the theory. We shall see.


events by ricci on 11:30 PM

"all a-twitter"

My mom says that ALL the time... reminds me of Bambi!

mette koldkjær højlund on 1:50 AM

ah, he looks beautiful! perfect colour! Those perfect whippet(?) eyes! good luck. the first day IS magic

My on 1:59 AM

Congratulation..... He is definitely a cutie.

Annapolitan on 2:12 AM

He is so adorable. Beautiful color and markings.

This is a breed who loves to cuddle, so enjoy all the love you're going to be getting from your new little man. Oh, I'm so envious!

baba's second design on 2:59 AM

Yay! Welcome to the family, little one. Congratulations and champagne are in order! Enjoy...

Laura on 9:27 AM

He is so sweet!!! Look at those ears!

rebecca on 10:16 AM

Congrats! He's beautiful! Enjoy a day off with him.

roopa on 10:21 AM

I am so jealous - your puppy is insanely cute!!!!

P.S. I love this... on 10:22 AM

He's adorable. Enjoy your first day of mommy-hood.

Pencils on 10:33 AM

He is adorable! Congrats.

Kat on 4:15 PM

what breed is he?? So absolutely cute, I can't stand it!!

RogerHaus on 10:45 PM

incredible picture!