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recipes for love

Anyone looking for a kitchy shower/wedding gift? OR! Maybe a light-hearted/dead-serious gift for your husband-to-be? Betty Crocker's collection of 55 classics on recipe cards, available over at Fred Flare.


Kathryn on 10:43 PM

This is fabulous!

Scotti on 11:50 AM

That is such a great idea. I recently had my shower, my Matron of Honor and Bridesmaid did a wonderful job. It was at a Tea House on a Sunday afternoon. But... The best part about the shower (aside from all of the fab gifts) was that everyone invited was asked to bring one of their favorite recipes for me. How thoughtful. Now I have a really cute recipe box filled with recipes from my friends and family. The best recipe? My Grandmother's... She gave me a recipe for life.

If anyone is going to a shower of planning a shower this would be a great gift idea.

candy on 8:52 PM

my daughter got this for her shower she loves it!