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Try as I might, I cannot ignore a new Notte by Marchesa gown. I know, I post about them all the time! I'm drawn to them in a way I cannot explain. I just feel the need to talk someone into wearing this on their wedding day.


Rosie on 6:04 AM

For someone confident that would be such an amazing wedding dress!!

Pencils on 10:29 AM

That's an amazing gown. Love the color. It would also be gorgeous in white or ivory, or palest pink, if Marchesa wanted to make a more traditional wedding gown out of it.

roopa on 3:46 PM

I'm having a traditional Hindu ceremony and then I'm changing into a gown for the reception, so I'm on the lookout for the right designer gown - this one is a contender!

Jane on 4:09 PM

Yum!!! I Love it!

Jane on 4:09 PM

Yum!!! I Love it!

Jane on 4:09 PM
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tea on 5:51 PM

oh my goodness! i have never drooled over a dress but there's a first for everything. oh if only it was actually affordable!

Katrina Junkin on 12:27 PM

I LOVE it! If only it was white...and about $500 less, hahaa.

Peonies and Polaroids on 4:14 PM

oh so gorgeous. What an amazing colour, I wish my dress was pink!

pruh on 4:38 PM


style-ish on 1:51 PM

I <3 Marchesa! This dress is so pretty. I love it!

Lyndsy on 5:55 PM

This dress is incredible! Oh my goodness, the pink is perfect and the sparkles and shine oh my!

vrb on 2:05 AM

One of the Desperate Housewives (the blonde with all the kids...Lynette?) wore this design to the Academy Awards in the first year of her eligibilty. Immediately afterwards, BCBG came out with a cheaper copy. (I am pretty sure that was the company...the designer always copies the popular awards dresses, and I BELIEVE it is Max Azaria for BCBG...) They have had it in white, I believe, in the Nordstrom's Bridal section online. It caught my eye that first night, and I am always surprised when I keep seeing it crop up in various places.

Anonymous on 1:06 PM

weird... I was planning on having one made based on Felicity Huffman's gown at the Golden Globes.. in white of course.
I didn't see it on Nordstroms... anyone know where else I could get it? Might be cheaper than getting it made

roopa on 7:44 PM

I knew I saw this somewhere before! Here is the one that Felicity Huffman wore. I also found it in blue and I love it more than the pink one!